This man lost his job but did not give up and today he earns millions as a "golf ball diver" -
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This man lost his job but did not give…
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This man lost his job but did not give up and today he earns millions as a "golf ball diver"


In the world of work, especially today, there are almost no longer any certainties.

Just when it seems that one has finally found a satisfactory job or a professional opportunity, everything can change or end and completely upset our existence.

In those circumstances, there are those who are forced to start again, those who collapse discouraged, and those who decide not to surrender, reinventing themselves with a spirit of initiative and adaptability.

Such is the extraordinary story of Glenn Berger.

via: Usa Today
image: Facebook

Glenn Berger, a former unemployed man who lives in Florida, literally "dived" into a new adventure after losing his job.

It all started when Glenn offered to recover all the golf balls that fell into the ponds and water holes at a golf course near his home.

Within a year, Berger was able to pull out nearly two million golf balls, that he then resold at a super affordable price.

For each golf ball retrieved, he asks for only one or two dollars, and by playing on large numbers he managed to make money and to set aside capital, earning a total of 15 million dollars to date.

Reading this article may make you wrinkle your nose and think that it is an excessive amount of money if we consider that it is only a matter of taking some golf balls out of some ponds here and there.

But first, we need to consider some of the practical aspects. First of all, very few people would accept doing this as their job or profession.

Secondly, it is good to keep in mind that this activity is not without risks, especially since in most of the water where Glenn dives, it is possible to run into parasites, poisonous snakes, and even alligators.


Therefore, Glenn had to find the right equipment and gear, learn to protect himself and manage dangerous situations, while obviously also safeguarding his own health.

Every job has its pros and cons, but this is proof that sometimes it is enough to sharpen one's wits to find clever solutions or have the courage to do things that most people would never dare try to do in life.


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