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Loyal, honest, passionate and intuitive…
A good parent does not clear the path for their children instead they prepare their children for their journey! She is 102 years old and he is 100 and after falling madly in love with each other they decided to get married!

Loyal, honest, passionate and intuitive --- this is a Scorpio but beware of betraying them!


It is often said to be the most fascinating sign of the entire zodiac or at least one of the most particular.

Introspective, seductive, passionate, intense, and at times mysterious -- do you recognize this zodiac sign? Yes, it is Scorpio!

Whoever was born from October 22nd to November 22nd, or knows someone who celebrates their birthday during that period, knows this well.

Scorpion is a truly notable sign, which characterizes people whose personality is not always easy, but that will surely leave an indelible mark in our lives. Let's see why.

There is little to dispute, that Scorpio is considered to be the most powerful sign of the zodiac, for better or for worse. A Scorpion needs you to trust them so that they in turn trust you.

Scorpio may seem cold, sometimes cynical or calculating, but in reality, the depth of feeling of those born under this sign is enormous and can be of fundamental help to those around them.

An unusual intuition is one of the typical characteristics of Scorpions. It is not easy to deceive them because they can immediately understand who or what they are facing. Therefore, they are more than able to quickly get to the heart of a situation.

Determination and unpredictability are also two other key characteristics of Scorpions. It is rather difficult to understand what goes on in the head of a Scorpio but, once established, we know that we can be sure that a Scorpio will go on their way with a tenacity that is a symptom of their unshakeable determination.

Many zodiac signs are characterized by innate competitiveness, and Scorpio is no less. In their case, however, there is a big difference!

In fact, whoever is born under this sign, knows for sure that they do not need confirmation from others but, if a Scorpion is "provoked", their determination will lead them to fight to victory, which is almost always certain.

Now we have arrived at those Scorpion characteristics considered probably to be among the most famous of this sign, namely, their poisonous stinger. Scorpio people are intense, passionate, sensual, and know how to dedicate all of themselves to the right partner without ever holding back.

This, however, conceals a flip side! Scorpions are notoriously jealous (very!) and sometimes possessive. If they are betrayed, their desire for revenge will not be appeased until they feel they are satisfied.

This desire for revenge is proverbial, and that is why, with a person born between October and November, maximum transparency is always required. Scorpions will repay you with extreme honesty and great loyalty, qualities that are hard to find in such high levels in other zodiac signs.

With such celebrated and appreciated personal qualities, knowing and dating people of this sign can be really worthwhile for everyone! Have you also found these characteristics in your Scorpion relatives and acquaintances?


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