The way you close your fist can tell you a lot about your character -
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The way you close your fist can tell…
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The way you close your fist can tell you a lot about your character


Body language is part of non-verbal communication and is much more important than one might imagine.

The gestures that accompany our conversations comprise at least 50% of our ability to communicate and that is why it becomes so important to know how to interpret body language and gestures.

Some of the gestures that we make every day, we are unaware of, and others we have learned from our parents - what is certain is that not all people use gestures in the same way.

A gesture, in fact, can reveal a great deal about an aspect of a person's personality and the test we propose aims precisely at establishing whether there is really a connection.
Observe the way you close your own fist and check if the description actually matches your personality profile. Based on this simple test, here is how others consider you:

1. The fingers of the hand hide the thumb

How others see you: People consider you to be intelligent and creative, you have a contagious enthusiasm and those around you are flooded with joy and happiness. Even if your mood can fluctuate, nonetheless, peace and tranquility are elements that characterize you. 

How you really are: You are a very wise person and although you love the company of your friends and loved ones, you do not fear the solitude and reflective moments that are all part of your nature. You are generally very nice to others, but you tend to accept only a few good friends. 

In romantic relationships: You look for a relationship that is simple but lasting. Even when the relationship does not work out well and things seem to not be turning out as you would like, you are always the partner who will put the pieces back together to correct and readjust them. You forgive and forget easily, which is very rare.


2. The thumb hides the other fingers of the hand

How others see you: You have charisma and talent, and people trust you. You are honest, respectful, and admirable in the eyes of others, and this makes you a role model for others to follow. 

How you really are: Often you do not act due to fear. You are constantly fearful of the consequences of your words or actions that others may misunderstand, or you are simply afraid of being disappointed. You always need the constant presence of people who truly love you and who will also never abandon you in the most difficult moments. 

In romantic relationships: Here, also you are afraid at the beginning to show your true personality towards a potential companion. Consequently, in the eyes of the other person, you appear on the surface to be cold and distant. But in reality, you are only afraid of getting hurt.

3. The thumb only covers the index finger

How others see you: You are a nice person and attract the attention of those around you. Yours, in the eyes of those who love you, is always a temperament that is constantly exploring and searching. You are continuously trying to clarify immediately any doubts that you might have, even if this creates uncertainty and often makes you feel insecure. 

How you really are: You are in reality, a very good person and you love friendly and peaceful relations with others. However, most likely in the past someone has taken advantage of your good heart and your availability and generosity. But the positive side of that experience is that now, among your abilities, there is that of immediately recognizing if a person is behaving properly with you or if in reality, has bad intentions. 

In romantic relationships: Love is not among the top priorities of your life, nor is it at the top of the list of objectives to be achieved. And certainly, you wouldn't mind finding a person who knows how to appreciate and love you for who and what you are. 

Are these profiles accurate? Do you really believe now that the way you close your fist has anything to do with an individual's personality?


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