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Having an envious friend can be one…
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Having an envious friend can be one of the most toxic relationships you could ever experience


With enemies you make war, but you can also eventually make peace. You can also be attacked by your enemies, but because you expect it, more than likely you will be able to defend yourself.

The situation changes when the danger lurks in those who are right by your side and when people who you consider to be trusted allies secretly harbor negative feelings towards you.

These types of people are called "frenemy", an oxymoron that, in this case, indicates an envious friend.

In the life of a woman, a frenemy can reveal herself at all ages, from childhood to maturity, and it is that kind of companion who, while claiming to be a friend, nourishes thoughts that have nothing to do with true respect or affection. 

An envious friend places herself alongside the person who is the object of her jealousy, because from that privileged position she can know everything; suffering for her friend's successes and enjoying her defeats.

The paradoxical and twisted aspect of the relationship with a frenemy is that only the "frenemy" is experiencing this sick rivalry, while the unsuspecting counterpart holds the other person in high regard. 

In fact, after all,  it is thanks to this misplaced high estimation that a frenemy can manipulate her unsuspecting friend, in order to divert choices and behaviors towards the epilogue that she considers most advantageous for herself. In practice, it is as if her unhappiness and vice versa depends on the happiness of her friend. 

All in all, therefore, it much preferred to be surrounded by clear and obvious threats, rather than by pitfalls hidden in the shadows, ready to hurt and damage you when you least expect it.

Protecting yourself from these types of "friends" is difficult but not impossible, as even though they can hide behind their faces, eventually, they cannot hide their true nature.

A frenemy will always be more easily present in moments of pain, not to cheer up her friend, but only to not miss the spectacle and the satisfaction of seeing her friend suffer.

In moments of happiness, an envious friend usually becomes untraceable, because she may not be able to hide the anger that she feels inside while watching those around her who welcome and support her friend's joy and achievement.

In addition, the way that a frenemy "helps" her friend is also an effective detector because it will always be inept or directed towards the least desired choice or outcome. It can happen to everyone to want to be in someone else's shoes, it is human nature, but the important thing is to admit it without guilt.

The honesty of a friend who for once knows how to say "I would like to be in your shoes, I envy you a lot" is better, rather than one who shows herself so enthusiastic as to seem almost disturbing.


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