This dog was abandoned on a railway track, but a man arrives at the right time and saves him! -
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This dog was abandoned on a railway…
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This dog was abandoned on a railway track, but a man arrives at the right time and saves him!

May 29, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The lives of animals and pets always count. They must be protected from the often gratuitous wickedness of the human beings who put them at risk.

Our four-legged friends are looking for nothing but love, unconditional love, and a caring family in which they can live and be appreciated.

Sometimes to save the lives of our distressed pets, there are "angels" who appear in the right place at the right time and are there to reach out and rescue them.

This is exactly what happened to this poor dog that had been abandoned on a railroad track and whose touching story we are going to narrate here.

The dog, initially nicknamed "Train", had been abandoned on a railroad track where normally three trains a day passed, therefore an extremely dangerous place for an animal!

Initially, Jared Twedell, our savior "angel" who was just casually driving over the railroad track, thought it was perhaps a deer trapped in the rails or sitting on them, but as he got closer he discovered that it was a dog that had been tied up and abandoned there ... 

Jared immediately stopped and parked his car, and, although the dog initially was not easily approached, he managed to untie it and save it from a tragic fate.

Visibly fatigued by the heat it had suffered while being tied up there, the male dog, immediately nicknamed "Train" by Jared, found immediate care and an adoptive family that loved him from the beginning.

Now the puppy dog lives happily with his new human owners and has been affectionately named Samson.

And we don't think it is hard to bet that right now, Samson, somewhere, is thanking Jared with his grateful dog's heart, the equally big-hearted angel who saved his life!

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