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12 adorable photos showing how hard…
Children need fewer computer tablets --- and more musical instruments! Curly eyelashes are the fashion of the moment, but they seem to come from a horror movie!

12 adorable photos showing how hard being a parent can be!


We all remember and we all know that childhood is probably the moment in our life when we can express our personality one hundred percent, free from conditioning, too many rules or fears of the consequences of what we do. 

The beauty of children is that they think outside the box, discovering, and testing firsthand whatever comes to mind. 

The maximum of joy then? Not always, and the following 12 photos that we are going to show will testify to that!

In fact, the carefree and joyful moods of children do not always translate into peace for their parents.

Just look at these little "gems" of everyday parenting to realize the truth of this observation.

Nevertheless, they are inevitable moments in the growth of a child and, looking at them, they are also really very funny!

1. "I know that I told you not to eat with your hands ..."

2. Fatigue can suddenly catch up with you ...


3. A blanket made with pillows and a pillow made with a blanket: An original idea!

4. "My cousin has just announced that he is cooking ... money that he cut up in a pot!"

5. Changing diapers in public bathrooms can become a real nightmare ...


6. Careful, Dad!

7. Right and left are not always clear concepts ...


8. "My daughter found my nail polish and is deciding where to put it ..."

9. William's "dream" is a little worrying ...


10. Next time, it would be better to put the notebook a little bit higher ...

11. Hey!? What was wrong with the cup?

12. Wild parking ...

What do you think? Have you ever had any experiences like these as a parent?

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