Not getting enough sleep makes you fat --- A scientific study reveals it! -
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Not getting enough sleep makes you fat…
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Not getting enough sleep makes you fat --- A scientific study reveals it!


What if the solution to losing weight or gaining less weight is simply to sleep more?

Saying something like that sounds almost like stating that the secret to a perfect silhouette is chocolate, but the reality is actually this! Not getting enough rest can affect weight gain.

Almost everyone knows how sleep affects our general well-being, but few are aware that it also has a direct connection with being able to regulate our weight and improve our physique.

NB: The advice we give you can NEVER replace the opinion of a doctor or the pharmacological treatments that a doctor can prescribe for you for a specific pathology.

This close connection has been highlighted by a study carried out by researchers at the University of Chicago, coordinated by Dr. Eva Van Cauter, director of the Sleep and Metabolism Center. According to the scientific survey, sleeping less than seven hours per night significantly contributes to increasing the number on the bathroom scales.
The reason is that a smaller amount of rest at night corresponds to a greater appetite during the day because the body automatically tends to need more food to stay awake longer. Sleeping is, in fact, an essential condition for regulating numerous biological mechanisms, both mentally and physically.
During sleep, the body's metabolism slows down, allowing the body to consume less and optimize its energy reserves. Sleeping too little and badly upsets this rhythm and an increase in appetite is one of the many ways in which nature tries to compensate for what it lacks.
It has been estimated that even one hour less sleep per night than the recommended average translates into the consumption of about 300 extra calories per day and 2.2 lb (1 kg) more body weight per week!
All merit, or the fault, of the decreased level of the satiety hormone, while ghrelin, the hunger hormone increases. This information reveals why despite a person trying to eliminate fat with physical exercise, few results are obtained or maintained.
Obviously, getting more sleep is not the only thing to do but it is a healthy habit that should be included in a healthy lifestyle which of course, also includes a rich and varied diet.
Consequently, to get back in shape, in addition to going to the gym or asking a nutritionist for advice, it is better to develop a personalized strategy in collaboration with your doctor.
Nevertheless, the key to everything could be simply to increase the quality of sleep and rest, thus restoring the right balance to one's body.
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