A mother claims to have succeeded in improving her daughter's autism just by changing her diet!

by Shirley Marie Bradby

May 02, 2019

A mother claims to have succeeded in improving her daughter's autism just by changing her diet!

In recent years, autism has been increasingly discussed. This term identifies a series of disorders that hinder a child's cognitive development and ability to form interpersonal relationships. 

There is no cure for autism, being more correctly, a set of disorders that can vary widely from one another. Therefore, many parents find it very difficult to manage an autistic child. 

However, now an Argentinian mother has said that she has greatly improved the physiological and pathological conditions in her daughter, who was diagnosed with autism, simply by changing her diet!

This is her story, which could be very useful to many families that have members who are autistic.


Make Oyarzo is an Argentinian chef and mother of two daughters. The oldest was diagnosed with autism at the of three. The woman saw her daughter get worse day by day, until she was more "childish" than her younger sister. 

Make's daughter's autism drove her to inquire as much as possible about a disease that she had never known before. So, she began reading books and consulting internet forums and she discovered that there was a possible correlation between the gut and the brain.

Some studies, in fact, claim that at the basis of autistic disorders are problems related to the proper digestion of certain food elements.


Make, as a professional chef and as a good mother, decided to give her daughter a tasty diet devoid of foods that are more likely to contain the elements involved in this hypothesis, namely, no milk, sugar, soy, eggs, and gluten. 

In the first four days of the new diet, her daughter's health showed some deterioration, probably due to abstinence from some foods, but soon after the first positive results emerged!

Make said that her daughter was increasingly able to stay focused for longer periods of time and the behavioral problems that she manifested before also markedly decreased. The new diet definitely seemed to have greatly improved her daughter's condition. 

Many people will think that this diet is too drastic and that it eliminates too many foods, but Make assures those who think this way --- it is not so! In fact, to prove this, she has written a book containing over 150 recipes that include all categories of meals, that do not contain any of the aforementioned dangerous ingredients.

There is nothing scientific or proven in Make's experience, only her personal story and that of other families who have followed her advice after obtaining a medical opinion. In fact, eliminating from the diet milk, sugar, soy, eggs, and gluten seems to really help in the case of autism spectrum disorders.

Clearly, any health initiative or changes must be discussed with competent doctors.  In fact, Make herself, has consulted with doctors, dietitian experts, and university professors and the same should be done by everyone, whenever substantial changes are made to one's diet!