Getting angry for half an hour a day is good for your health, a behavioral study reveals! -
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Getting angry for half an hour a day…
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Getting angry for half an hour a day is good for your health, a behavioral study reveals!


Anger is one of the seven deadly sins, but in small doses, not only can it be forgiven, it is actually very useful.

In today's society, in truth, the frenetic pace, the stress and the situations to which everyone is subjected provide numerous reasons to lose one's temper.

And that is why, mostly we try our best to repress, manage, and control anger, and not allow it to be visible for everyone to see.

However, a recent study seems to have discovered some game-changing results, namely, that a little bit of anger can also be therapeutic.

In the study in question, carried out by researchers from the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), the beneficial qualities of anger are recognized, provided anger is restrained to no more than half an hour a day (study source). Certainly, it is a bit difficult to get angry and watch the clock at the same time! However, within this amount of time, the biochemical reactions of the organism are positive for human health.

When a person comes to their "boiling point", which in this case can last up to 30 minutes, the brain waves are stimulated, the body produces dopamine and norepinephrine, and increases the heart rate and blood pressure. In practice, it is a lot like doing a cardio workout, which relieves tension and releases neurotransmitters and beneficial hormones.

On average the ability or tendency to get angry is stronger at a younger age, falling significantly after 35-40 years of age because the individual learns self-control and is more selective about what to really get angry about.

Another interesting fact has to do with the expression "blind rage" because in this state of alteration a person only wants to be right, so it is useless as well as counterproductive to tell them to calm down.

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In a nutshell, getting angry can be an excellent safety valve, surely better than the implosive reaction of those who keep everything inside -- slowly poisoning themselves.

The secret is not to go beyond a certain threshold, that is, to try not to let anger become a prolonged state of constant anxiety. In this case, the same substances that the body releases that provide bursts of energy in a limited time frame, become a health risk by remaining in the blood circulation for long periods of time.

As in most cases, the key to everything is in moderation. So, a little anger is OK, but the important thing is to not let it transform itself into an illness.


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