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A woman's Golden Retriever dog died…
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A woman's Golden Retriever dog died because it accidently swallowed parts of a common rope toy


Anyone who owns a dog can testify that it becomes a true member of the family and that when the day comes to have to say goodbye, one feels immense pain.

Everyone knows that the time available to a four-legged friend is limited compared to the life span of a human being, but the case is different when one is forced to lose a pet due to events that do not depend on nature.

Today's story, unfortunately, describes such an incident.

The person narrating the story is Indira Tuckler, owner of two dogs, for which she had bought balls made of roped cloth to keep them amused. Apparently, these harmless toys seemed safe and sturdy but on the same day that she brought them home, she found them reduced to shreds. She immediately threw them away hoping that neither of her two dogs had inadvertently eaten some of the pieces. 

Unfortunately, it was not so for Sam, her 14-month-old Golden Retriever, who somehow had swallowed some of the pieces of cloth. Initially, Sam's symptoms seemed to be those of a normal canine stomach disorder, namely vomiting, lack of appetite, and the need to drink lots of water.

The reality, however, was much more serious as the cloth in the rope ball swallowed by her dog had fragmented creating internal injuries. Sam underwent surgery but despite this, he died two days later without the opportunity to attempt a second operation. 

Due to her dog Sam's accidental death, his owner Indria posted this story on Facebook warning all dog owners of the dangers of these types of toys commonly sold in pet stores.


The Vet Village veterinary clinic in the town of Urbana, in the state of Illinois, has published on their blog a post addressed to all those who own a dog. The message is aimed at making people aware of the risks of particular toys for animals, in particular, those with rubber, cotton, plastic or rope padding. 

Especially dangerous are the last ones on the list because the natural conformation of the canine intestinal tract makes the fibers adhere to the internal surfaces damaging large portions of intestinal tissue.

Indria hopes that by sharing the sad story of her beloved Sam, she can save the lives of many other dogs.

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