These are the signs that tell you that a guardian angel is protecting you from above -
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These are the signs that tell you that…
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These are the signs that tell you that a guardian angel is protecting you from above


On many occasions in our lives, we have had the distinct feeling of having been protected in some way by an entity superior to us, which has saved us from some difficult, sometimes even dangerous, situations.

We tend to identify these entities with the angels of the Christian tradition. According to this belief, God assigns to each of us a guardian angel who watches over our lives and protects us from negative entities or forces. 

Here are the signs that, in everyday life, allow us to understand if and when we are being protected by our guardian angel!

Chills or sudden heat 

Sometimes, in unexpected settings, we experience a pleasant feeling of cold or heat without a precise reason; it could be a sign that our guardian angel is close to us and is maybe telling us that we need someone's embrace or shelter from a situation that we don't like. 

Pleasant or unusual odors 

If we have ever experienced a situation of apparent calm and of suddenly smelling a strong odor or a pleasant perfume without knowing its origin or that it is familiar to us, then it could be a sign that our angelic guardian is close to us and is sending us signals to make us understand that our angel is ready to protect us.

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Floating feathers 

Even if seeing feathers floating in the air can often mean nothing to us, their sight in unusual places (at home, on the road, at work) can have a deeper meaning. In fact, it is the unmistakable sign that our protector from above is watching over us and protecting us with big angel wings! 

Images in clouds 

It has happened to everyone to see unusual or familiar images or shapes in the clouds. And, even if many people take it lightly and ironically, these images are often a signal that our guardian angel is sending us messages through faces and objects that we are familiar with via the evanescent images in the clouds.



These are marvels of nature that "bloom" with all their colors after a rainy day. And rainbows can also be an omen that, if we are facing a particularly difficult period, our angel caretaker is close to us and telling us that everything will be fine, especially if these colorful rainbows appear to us when and where they shouldn't be! 

Numbers and coins 

Is there a particular number that haunts you in real life and in your dreams? Is this number also frequent in the coins or banknotes you use? It could be a signal that your guardian angel is sending you signs of hope and positivity! 

Unusual colors and lights 

Many believe that the presence of dazzling lights or very strong colors that we happen to see in everyday life and in unexpected forms are signs that our angel protectors from above are sending us to convince us of their presence. 

Have you ever had a clear sensation of feeling protected by a higher entity but that it was a perception that you could not explain? Tell us about your experiences!

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