Brisk walking really helps you lose weight and here are all the instructions to do it the right way -
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Brisk walking really helps you lose…
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Brisk walking really helps you lose weight and here are all the instructions to do it the right way


You will have often heard that walking is an alternative way to lose weight and burn excess fat, and maybe you immediately set out to reach your physical goals. 

It is true, you can lose weight by walking, but first of allyou need to know how and how much to walk. These are important details that, in the specific case of walking, make a big difference. 

It will also have happened that you have asked yourself; what pace should I use? How many miles do I have to walk? How many times a week do I have to walk?

Well, here are all the answers you need to know, to turn walking into a fat burning activity.

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Compared to running, jogging, and other activities, walking is undoubtedly a much gentler way to get the body moving.

This is especially true, if you do not have enough experience or if you have not done any physical exercise for a long time; then, walking helps to avoid sprains or the other typical injuries that can happen to anyone who improvises as a runner or jogger.

Walking is also an activity that is accessible to all ages and has only very rare side effects. In addition, it is a great way to begin and start a more intense physical training program.

But it is not enough to just wear sneakers and start walking, or at least it is not enough if the goal is to get your body back in shape.

In general, to turn the walk into a useful activity for the body as well as the mind, you have to walk for at least 45 minutes a day. It should be added, however, that the difference is not so much the amount of time as the intensity of the walk.

Taking into account your starting level, it is ideal to alternate walking on surfaces with different slopes, in order to subject the circulatory system to efforts of varying intensity. Therefore, a walking path with ascents and descents, plains and hilly stretches, is the best way to go for the walk.

As for distances, it is recommended to cover between 3 to 4 miles (5 -7 km) or 10,000 steps. 

It is self-evident that in order to turn walking into a fat burning activity it is necessary to take these indications into account, just like any other sport.

Walking continues to be the easiest and most recommended way to start moving to try to repair the damage caused by a sedentary lifestyle. But make sure you do it right!

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