10 characteristics that distinguish a true alpha woman from all the other women

by Shirley Marie Bradby

February 07, 2019

10 characteristics that distinguish a true alpha woman from all the other women

In the human race, there are female examples of great strength of character, audacity, and resourcefulness; for these reasonsthey are called "alpha women".

These type of people know their place in the world, know how to make others respect their rights, and they fight every form of injustice. In a sense, they are the modern version of traditional warriors. 

But what are the real characteristics that distinguish an alpha woman from other women? Here are 10 aspects that always characterize an alpha woman.

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10 characteristics of a true alpha woman

10 characteristics of a true alpha woman


  •  1. Is not afraid of what is new. A self-confident woman is not afraid to experiment and she knows how to totally enjoy what the world has to offer. 
  • 2. Learns from the past. She is a patient woman knows how to put life's lessons into practice; she does not forget the past but does not remain imprisoned by it. Consequently, she manages to turn mistakes into useful teachings. 
  • 3. Self-assured. As a resolute woman, she knows herself well -- who she really is -- and she accepts herself regardless of her physical appearance. She does not try to change for others and is comfortable in her own skin. 
  • 4. Manages to make others respect her space. A woman with deep self-esteem knows how to be available for others but also how to clearly define the boundaries beyond which no one is allowed to go. 
  • 5. Is never anyone's victim. A woman who has deep respect for herself will never be a slave to anything or anyone. 
  • 6. Never feels sorry for herself. A woman in touch with her own emotions is not afraid to express them but nevertheless, she does not overly dramatize what happens in her life. 
  • 7. Can also be happy alone. An independent woman does not close herself to new opportunities nor does she run from true love, but she is self-sufficient and does not need anyone to feel complete. 
  • 8. Fights for what she wants. A determined woman does not waste time just wishing for what she wants, instead, she works hard to achieve her goals. 
  • 9. Not afraid to leave. Rather than being with someone who does not appreciate her or in a situation that she does not like, a brave woman is not afraid of abandoning everything and continuing her journey alone. 
  • 10. Likes herself and knows her value. A woman with great confidence in her own qualities knows how to take care of herself by nourishing the wellbeing of both her body and mind. 

The fundamental thing to understand and to remember is that being an "alpha woman" is not entirely due to birth, one can become alpha by believing in one's own resources and working every day to grow. If you feel you deserve more, if you also want to become the best version of yourself, then start doing it now.