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Whoever constantly judges the lives…
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Whoever constantly judges the lives of others is emotionally toxic --- keep them out of your lives!


Unfortunately, in every group, there is always someone who stands out for being always ready to point out others and discuss this or that defect.

Such an individual constantly reproaches the failures of others by underlining errors in their decisions and actions, and never fails to see the negative side of every situation, promptly identifying the person responsible. 

Surely listening to them talking, you will have felt irritated by their jealous and judgmental criticism of others, feeling that if something is wrong, that something is actually the person doing the criticizing.

In fact, those who are always willing to narrate and highlight the mistakes and faults of others are emotionally toxic people and should be pitied - if it were not for the aura of negativity that emanates from them.

People who criticize, love to express their judgment regarding the lives of others, so much so - that they do it even without anyone asking them for an opinion. Usually, they offer negative judgments, expressly formulated to hurt others, because only in this way can they obtain any kind of satisfaction in their sad life. These are generally jealous people with low self-esteem, which is therefore also reflected in their judgment on others; in fact, seeing someone who is worse off than them is the only way for them to feel a little better. 

Living surrounded by the negativity of those who criticize others damages our psychological and emotional health; so if you are often exposed to the company of these people, it would be better to get away from them. Living in peace, in fact, is an invaluable asset, as is your time.

Therefore, it would be infinitely more useful and constructive to invest your valuable time differently, in activities and in people who can improve you and your environment. In this way, you will get the double benefit of adopting a healthy behavior towards life, and of setting a good example for others. If it is true that no one is perfect, then our own personal growth is the only way to achieve happiness, while at the same time gaining the respect of others. 

Do not worry about the unfavorable opinions of others about you. Just take care of your own emotional wounds, choose your life path, recognize your qualities, and be indulgent towards your mistakes. Remember that criticism without foundation and not oriented to your betterment is not a problem that concerns you, but a manifestation of the jealous and toxic emotions of those who criticize others.


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