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Learning to ignore insults and criticisms…
Do you often talk to yourself? You are not crazy, in fact, it can be very beneficial for your brain! True love is what transforms uncertainties into certainties. And above all, it never cheats ...

Learning to ignore insults and criticisms can be a sign of higher emotional intelligence


Within just 24 hours we are able to change moods over and over again, passing from feeling in seventh heaven to wanting to hide underground! It often happens that making us feel so depressed is an unpleasant comment or gesture that someone else makes towards us. 

To think that the responsibility for our bad moods can be placed on others is true in part, but it does not help us to feel better. As a matter of fact, we can decide who and what to listen to and what we allow to touch our inner self.

And maybe, sometimes, it would be better to learn to ignore offensive situations, without internalizing everything that happens to us.

Internalizing everything that happens to us or touches us is not the best way of living. Since reality is ambiguous and plays tricks on us, and we cannot live in a constant state of conflict, we just have to let unpleasant comments or behaviors flow. 

It is important to learn to live more lightly and focused on what is essential in the present. This implies a certain intelligence in order to distinguish which battles are worth taking on and which offenses are better to just ignore. If we were to get riled up for every insult, we would be so exhausted that we would not have the energy to pursue what really matters in our lives - such as realizing our dreams, taking care of the people we love and cultivating the best part of ourselves. 

Therefore, let's choose our true allies along our life path and abandon the resentment toward those who have not behaved well with us. This does not mean that we are blind to the offenses of others and sometimes we cannot avoid being hurt, but we can prevent this pain from spreading, invading, and occupying our mind and spirit.

Therefore, it is not easy and a lot of strength is needed to learn to ignore the offenses that others commit against us. However, sometimes, we believe that dramatizing a situation that probably does not even deserve to be highlighted, makes us look strong in the eyes of others, but this is not true at all, in fact, we just waste time and energy. Moreover, often we are the ones who misinterpret certain words or gestures, completely transfiguring them from what they are in reality. 

Take time to try to think and reflect: Of all the people who have offended me, how many were really doing it on purpose? Has any of this prevented me from realizing my dreams? 

Deciding not to fall into the trap of clashing with others and creating drama is, therefore, a sign of intelligence, emotional maturity, and fortitude. 

Remember that sometimes being at peace is more important than being right.


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