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A daughter's relationship with her father…
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A daughter's relationship with her father as a child can be an indicator of what she will be like as an adult


If parents are the most important people for a child, then it is true that this concept can be further specified; since, for example, fathers are fundamental figures in the life of their daughters.

Not only is a father's personality and character important but above all, it is the relationship between him and his daughter that will determine in a decisive way many aspects of her life as an adult.

For instance, the way she relates to men - and the respect she has for herself and expects from men - are all related to her self-esteem. 

In particular, there are six things that a father must do for his daughter that will allow her to grow up to be a healthy and well-adjusted woman. They are listed here below. 

  • 1. BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL. A father must show his daughter the best qualities of the male gender: to be loving, respectful, and protective. In this way, as an adult, his daughter will look for a man who treats her the same way. 
  • 2. NURTURE HER SELF-ESTEEM. A good father has to praise his daughter's abilities, virtues, and strengths, to help her get to know herself better and make her feel that she has all the tools to succeed in life. Moreover, he teaches her not to be crushed when things go wrong and to always get back up and move forward in life.  
  • 3. MAKE HER FEEL SAFE AND SELF-CONFIDENT. A father must make his daughter feel safe so that she becomes a courageous adult who looks positively to the future and the challenges it will inevitably present.
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  • 4. TEACH HER USEFUL THINGS. A good father spends constructive time with his daughter, teaching her that problems can be solved and that there is no difference in opportunities and results between men and women if they are both well-qualified. In this way, he will make her daughter an independent woman. 
  • 5. ENCOURAGES HER TO BE HER BEST. A model father encourages his daughter to fight to realize her dreams so that in the future she will know how to give the best of herself to achieve her goals. 
  • 6. TEACH HER TO BE HERSELF BUT WITHOUT HURTING OTHERS. It is important for a father to make his daughter feel that she is beautiful as she is, and that to be appreciated by others she must be true to herself, but without intentionally hurting anyone.

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