Romantic dinners are not enough: friendship and understanding might be what keep the sparks alive between two people -
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Romantic dinners are not enough: friendship…
Do not beg for anyone's attention, let alone their love!

Romantic dinners are not enough: friendship and understanding might be what keep the sparks alive between two people

December 30, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Perhaps because of the romantic films that we watched when we were children, or possibly because of the idealization of love that we were taught at school, many of us grew up thinking that the basis of a love relationship consists only of tearful and emotional romanticizing. But, instead, that is not exactly the case. 

Affectionate and tender gestures are unquestionably fundamental, but the true solidity of a couple is seen above all when tenderness gives way to laughter, to jokes, and to the ability to expose one's weaknesses by trusting the other.

In a word, the strength of a love relationship lies in friendship.

Stronger and longer-lasting couples spend little time in romantic situations, and more time doing fun things together. They challenge each other while bowling or cooking, they test and laugh at each other, they watch comedies and play jokes all the time. They always know how to raise their spirits: if one is down, the other knows how to make them smile, even at the cost of looking ridiculous or silly. 

The most enduring couples not only love each other, but they like each other and choose each other every day. For them, everything is more pleasant if it is shared with the other. Everything, even a nap together or an hour spent at the park can become a magical and memorable moment. They do not only love their mutual bodies, but they also value their mutual strength, sympathy, and intelligence.

The strongest couples give each other nicknames, which enter their daily life so much as to be used even in the presence of other people. Sometimes this profound intimacy embarrasses them, but it is so natural that everything else takes second place.

The strongest couples have no secrets and talk about everything. They compare their opinions about work, the films they see, and the people they meet. Nothing is hidden, even if it is about unpleasant issues. And they do not do it because they are forced, in fact, for them sharing everything with each other is a need that comes from the heart --- instantaneous and unstoppable.

The strongest couples consider themselves a family, even when there is not yet a document or a signature that attests it. They seek out each other every day, and cannot remain without speaking or without contact, even if it is just a simple message or a look.


The couples that last, know how to be apart, but still be together. Nobody can humanly live every moment with another person, so it is normal to take time for leisure or to work separately. But the important thing is to always be there. The primary thing is to share everything, even if only in words. Long-lasting couples have each other's back even when they are not together, they know they can count on the support of the other even when he or she is somewhere else. 

Strong long-lasting couples are therefore based on a deep friendship. They love spending time together, even if they are simply cooking or laughing on the couch. They simply love being in each other's presence, sharing their lives; and, this is the greatest proof of love that can exist.

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