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What you see in the image could reveal…
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What you see in the image could reveal a desire hidden deep within yourself

December 18, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Each of us has desires that are jealously guarded by our inner self, hidden from the eyes of others, and that are difficult for us to accept.

These desires, in fact, reveal a part of our nature that we are a little afraid of or they expose personal needs that do not only depend just on ourselves but also on those around us, as in the case of emotional relationships.

The game that we propose to you has to do with these unconfessable desires. In fact, the first image you see will reveal to you what you want more than anything else in the world.

image: Octavio Ocampo
  • 1. A woman's face: If this image is the first thing you noticed, it means that at this moment in your life what you need most is that someone takes care of you and makes you feel loved. You are, therefore, in the incessant pursuit of an authentic and sincere person who knows how to give you what you want. Despite the emptiness you feel in this period, you still love your independence and freedom, that you would not barter for anything in the world. 
  • 2. A tree: If you noticed the tree first, it means that right now your biggest desire is to take root, that is to say, to establish which direction your life should take because you feel the need to grow. Your creative and determined nature pushes you to complete all your projects, but you should always keep in mind that everything requires time and patience
  • 3. The birds: Your biggest desire, and certainly the most unconfessable, is that you want to experience adventure, to be more active, and to risk a little more. In your daily life, you would never dream of doing things like that, because what you know gives you security and what you do not know does not. Still, what you want most is to find out what it feels like to explore the unknown.
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