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10 "bad" habits that could indicate…
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10 "bad" habits that could indicate you are more intelligently gifted than your peers


Is it possible to be able to tell how intelligent a person actually is without resorting to IQ tests?

Apparently, it seems to be possible. It is believed that more intelligent individuals are united by some habits that distinguish them.

In contrast, however, it must be said that these habits do not necessarily benefit them when dealing with some situations or the adversities of life.

Here are the ways of doing things that identify a person who is particularly intelligent.

  • 1. They know how to remain calm: They lose control of their emotions less often than others. 
  • 2. They do not feel superior to others: They recognize their value and that of others, without feeling the need to prove themselves. As opposed to people who are less intelligent, who often seek to raise themselves above others. 
  • 3. They recognize and admit their mistakes: Intelligent people admit their mistakes and assume their responsibilities, without blaming others for their own errors. 
  • 4. They are empathic: They are not selfish people, they listen to other people's opinion and will retrace their steps, if necessary. Being empathetic they are, therefore, able to understand the needs of others and to respect everyone. 
  • 5. They are selective: They prefer to have only a few friends that they can trust and they are often loners. This is also because, being more reflective, these people tend to allow themselves to subordinated by nosier and more dominant personalities.
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6. They are messy: It may seem strange, but it was found by some studies that not loving order and tidiness means that they are creative and have an open mind to new experiences. 
7. When they want to curse: Smart people have a larger vocabulary than someone who has an IQ that is lower. This also includes curse words and phrases, that an intelligent person knows how to dish out expertly depending on the situation and the social environment. 
8. They are night owls: Some studies have revealed, on a sample of young people in their twenties, that smart people stay awake longer than those who have an IQ below 100. 
9. Intelligent people are lazy: With their brain and imagination in constant motion, they tend to prefer rest and stillness; in fact, the need to do something to distract oneself is more typical of less intelligent people (obviously this is just statistics, which is not to say that the most active people are stupid!). 
10. They hit the "snooze" button more often: Postponing getting up every morning by hitting the snooze button is, according to a study, synonymous with intelligence and encompasses all factors that we have just listed, namely, that they are undisciplined, lazy, and night owls.


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