People who enjoy having "alone time" are often associated with possessing these 7 qualities -
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People who enjoy having "alone time"…
This video will open your eyes to the reality that many children are forced to face every day ...

People who enjoy having "alone time" are often associated with possessing these 7 qualities

December 12, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Everyone is different from someone else, there are those who love reading and those who do not, those who like to stroll on the beach by the sea, and those who prefer to hike in the mountains, those who love to hang out with their friends and those who prefer to be on their own.

Yet, sometimes it happens that some behaviors are seen as quirks when in reality it is not like that at all. It is simply a matter of having a different personality and of being an individual with one's own character and preferences.

It is, the people who love being alone, in particular, who are labeled by society as being those who have problems with the world --- well, here are seven reasons that prove that assumption is erroneous and simply not true. 

7 characteristics of people who love being alone:

  • 1. They are people who are open to new experiences: Spending time in solitude helps to develop new thoughts and ideas, which contribute to enriching one's life. 
  • 2. They are comfortable with themselves: Wanting to spend a lot of time alone, means that they do not feel uncomfortable being alone with themselves and their own thoughts. 
  • 3. They have limits: Spending a lot of time alone, they know what they want and how to communicate their desires to others while being aware of their own limitations. 
  • 4. They are loyal: They prefer to be surrounded by a few people, who are reliable, rather than by many but with whom they do not feel at ease. Their ability to remain alone, but to also be attentive when in the company of other people, makes them loyal individuals in their relationships with others.
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  • 5. They have everything clear in their own mind: Their reflective nature enables them to have a strong and healthy self-esteem, which allows them to know who they really are and what they want from life. In addition, being alone is also a way to take their mind off the world when it seems about to overwhelm them. 
  • 6. They know how to give value to their own time and that of others: Spending a lot of time alone means knowing how to recognize and appreciate the value of time, one's own and that of others. Time is an asset that should not be wasted. 
  • 7. They are very intelligent: Thinking a lot about things means knowing how to analyze them critically, discerning wisely what they consider to be most appropriate for their own life --- from what is not.
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