Singing out loud in your car improves your mood and makes you more productive ... words from the experts! -
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Singing out loud in your car improves…
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Singing out loud in your car improves your mood and makes you more productive ... words from the experts!


Whether we are stuck in the traffic or simply driving in our car, alone or in the company of others, we often cannot help letting ourselves be captured by the notes of a song on the radio.

First, maybe we start singing some verses, and next, we find ourselves singing the song with a real passion. Then, after singing the song, we find ourselves smiling or feeling more relaxed, for having released pent-up energy and stress. 

Probably, you have always suspected it, but now science confirms it --- singing in your car increases productivity and makes you happier.

If you have made a habit of singing in your car, then do not change it! Science has shown that singing aloud while driving - or anyway when you are traveling by car - definitely improves our mood. 

Singing, in fact, allows the body to release endorphins and oxytocin. The first are the hormones responsible for pleasure, the second is a hormone that reduces stress and anxiety. In parallel, cortisol, the hormone that causes stress, anxiety, infertility, sleep problems, and weight gain decreases.

Consequently, singing - especially if loudly, with passion, and possibly your favorite songs - creates a more relaxed and pleasant mood, which in turn allows you to be more productive and creative.

It does not matter if the song in question will make you laugh or if it will touch you and leave you with tears in your eyes, the beneficial effects of the hormones are still guaranteed. So do not worry about the other drivers around you in the traffic: sing with passion!


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