At the age of 5, he can play the piano brilliantly: they call him "the little Mozart"

Many of us have heard about geniuses - people who have left everyone speechless thanks to their phenomenal skills in different areas. However, when genius comes to the mind, and it is a child of only…

Children need fewer computer tablets --- and more musical instruments!

Music is a fundamental component in the lives of each of us. In fact, the emotions that a song by our favorite artist or group can elicit, or even just a sequence of notes that touch us, are indescribable…

Do you get a thrill out of listening to your favorite music? Here is why according to science your brain is "special"

Perhaps, it has happened to someone that they were so carried away by their favorite song that they experienced an emotion that was literally "thrilling". This is nothing strange because those who manifest…

Two seniors run away from their retirement home to go to a heavy metal music festival

Probably a retirement home is not the most suitable place for those who want to experience strong emotions. This is because, for obvious reasons, the activities in these structures are planned, the organization…

Some experts claim that singing in the car could have a positive effect on people's moods and productivity

Whether we are stuck in the traffic or simply driving in our car, alone or in the company of others, we often cannot help letting ourselves be captured by the notes of a song on the radio. First, maybe…

This 9-year-old girl plays "Despacito" with her violin and she captures the hearts of millions of people

Talent is a precious gift that distinguishes the person who has it, but at the same time, it must be shared with others. Why? Not only in order to be recognized and appreciated as real talent deserves,…

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