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Video Of Music

Andrea Bocelli and his son Matteo thrill the world by singing together a very famous song ... Wonderful!

The relationship between father and son is always something special, they share beautiful and very difficult moments and they can rely on each other in every situation. We have already talked about the…

Andrea Bocelli duets with his son Matteo in his latest song and the video is pure poetry!

The moments shared between a father and son are always some of the best, as they experience both the beautiful and the difficult events of life while always supporting each other. This wonderful feeling…

His voice is identical to that of Michael Jackson and the jury and audience go crazy

One of the most imitated artists of all time is probably Michael Jackson. Thousands of imitators perform in the streets and squares of the largest cities in the world and talent shows are full of dancers…

Elvis Presley's daughter records a "duet' with her father ... and the result is pure emotion

The King of Rock once again has the world talking about him, due to a new and very emotional album that celebrates his musical legacy and his love for gospel music. After 40 years from his death, Elvis…

A guy presents himself with a song by Queen and when he starts to sing, Celine Dion is also astonished!

Over the years, the voice of Freddie Mercury has been plagiarized and imitated, and most of the time badly! But not in the case of Marc Martel and the music critics also, agree! This guy is really talented…

This 9-year-old girl plays "Despacito" with her violin and she captures the hearts of millions of people

Talent is a precious gift that distinguishes the person who has it, but at the same time, it must be shared with others. Why? Not only in order to be recognized and appreciated as real talent deserves,…

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