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Always feeling angry makes you gain…
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Always feeling angry makes you gain weight and age faster!


The world is divided into two large groups --- on the one handthere are people who get angry and upset easily and they cannot keep quiet when they notice something wrong!

And on the other hand, there are the "angelic" people who are very calm and manage to never get angry or upset.

Of course, like everything else, it is always advisable to find a healthy balance. Moreover, we would like to emphasize that always surrendering to anger may have negative effects on our body!

Especially regarding how fast we age and on the circumference of our waist.

Many people have suspected it for some time, but the confirmation comes from the results of many research studies carried out both on food as well as on stress-related diseases. Getting very angry often makes you gain weight and accelerates cellular aging. 

First of all, when a person is angry they often tend to eat more, but it is especially in the assimilation of food where the changes occur. The culprit would be the hormone neuropeptide Y, which under stress allows for the accumulation of greater amounts of fat mainly around the waist. 

Stress and anger levels also have an impact on our DNA, in particular on the telomere chromosomes. Chronic stress decreases the production of an enzyme that ensures good health, exposing the cells to inflammation and, at worst, death. Also, without naming them all, there are many other ailments that experts have linked to anger, including lung and cardiovascular problems. 

In short, unless your anger is truly necessary, such as when someone is really trying to harm you, then do not waste your energy fighting battles of little account. Life is so much more beautiful when you smile ... just learn to let things go --- it is your DNA that asks you to do this! 


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