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If you encounter butterflies often,…
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If you encounter butterflies often, they might be trying to tell you something


Butterflies have always been associated with the concepts of freedom, fragility, and beauty in every culture.

No one would intentionally hurt a butterfly and when we see them flitting around they always catch us pleasantly by surprise.

Many people claim that seeing a butterfly is never random and that they are definitely a sign from angels and loved ones who have passed away. 

Lately, have you seen any butterflies around you? Do you happen to dream about butterflies? If this happens, it means that they are there to tell you something.

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Here's what butterflies are reported to communicate: 

1. Change 
If you happen to see a butterfly, ask yourself if your life is in a phase of change. The butterfly might be there to remind you that there is something you need to change, to find balance, or to reassure you that everything is going well. Periods of revolutionary change are normal, but dealing with them and digesting them can be difficult. The butterflies are there to reassure you. They once were larvae and they became beautiful butterflies thanks to change. Do not be afraid, something quite wonderful could be about to happen!

2. Live life to the fullest 
Butterflies have a very short life span. In fact, some live only a month and others only a few hours. That's why they are the perfect creatures to remind us to live life to the fullest and not to waste time, because everything can end at any moment. Enjoy the beautiful moments and do not let worries spoil your happiness. 

3. Beauty 
Each butterfly is beautiful in its own way. Some butterflies have spectacular colors and others have fascinating patterns on their wings that seem painted. Each butterfly is different from another and each one possesses its own individual beauty. The same thing applies to us as human beings! We are not all the same and each person has their own particularities that distinguish them from other people. 

4. Freedom 
Butterflies are free entities par excellence. They fly and float from here to there -- and everywhere -- in an apparently casual way, without answering to any law or rule. We also should imitate this way of life without chains or restrictions. You have all the power to change your life, to feel free to do what you think is most appropriate. Whenever you feel crushed, imagine that you are a butterfly, spread your wings and go wherever you want.


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