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A pit bull remains tied up with a very…
Talking aloud alone is a sign of great intelligence ... and this has been confirmed by psychologists Losing a pet causes immense pain which must be respected and those who have not experienced this cannot understand it.

A pit bull remains tied up with a very tight short chain without food or water for days until the neighbors decide to intervene


Unfortunately, there are too many people who mistreat animals just because they can, after having first welcomed them into their homes by their own choice!

What goes on in the minds of these individuals, we do not know, but one thing is certain --- if they are able to do such unspeakable things to their four-legged friends, then nothing prevents them from one day doing the same thing to their fellow human beings.

For this reason, incidents of violence toward animals should be severely punished by law, even if that is not always the case.

Fortunatelythere are many other people who, when they see a situation where an animal is being abused, they do not just stand by and watch but instead, act to save these animals from a horrible and sad fate which was exactly the case of Max, a pit bull found chained to a tree.

The incident occurred in New Jersey, where several residents in the area saw a pit bull chained to a tree. The chain was so tight that it prevented the poor dog from moving, forcing it to stay in contact with its own excrement. Also, they noticed that the dog had neither water nor food for days.

Volunteer Kerry Haney, from the nearby Pit Bull rescue center, Do not Bully Us Rescue, was contacted by several witnesses and asked to do something about this pit bull that was being abused.

In the middle of the night, the woman went to the address where the dog was said to be, but she could not find it. So, she called the local police and found out that the police had taken it from its home, following several reports of abuse, and the police had taken the dog to an animal shelter in Gloucester County. Kerry also learned that the dog's owners had been found guilty of animal abuse and fined.


Kerry Haney went to the animal shelter in Gloucester County to gain custody of the dog, which at first was denied but only because the puppy had been examined and found to need treatment for a parasitic disease. In this way, the volunteer succeeded in obtaining custody of the pit bull, called Max, who she cares for and trains.

In fact, the dog had never been trained or educated by his previous owners and now must learn many things. Moreover, when he was a puppy, he never had the opportunity to play with other dogs, so now he has the same energy as a 4-month-old puppy.

Max is a dog that likes to be cuddled, loves playing with other dogs, and enjoys being in company. Kerry is looking after him and waiting for Max to be adopted by a family that is more loving than the one he had before.

What is the lesson we can learn from this story? That in the face of an abuse or injustice we should not turn and look the other way! Make your voice heard, contact the authorities, and if necessary intervene - without, of course, breaking the law. Indifference often causes more damage than violence itself!

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