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9 things in which a mature woman is…
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9 things in which a mature woman is totally disinterested ...


Being a woman is a bit complicated and it is rather difficult to explain to men everything that is bubbling inside.

For centuries, women have had to struggle to obtain their rights in the various eras that have succeeded each other. Today the world is different and significant progress has been made but there is still work to be done.

Different categories of women, from young to older, have to deal with modern society, and being aware of their rights and their value is the first step to assert themselves. 

In this regard, we have made a list of nine things that a mature and cognizant woman is not interested in, and which she considers to be only obstacles to the realization of her aspirations.

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1. How to dress: A mature woman does not care about fashion trends and she wears, on every occasion, only what she likes and what makes her feel at ease. 
2. What others have to say about her: She does not pay attention to gossip or what people think about her, because she knows that people will ALWAYS have something to say. 
3. Her love life: A mature woman does not allow herself to feel judged due to the relationship choices that she makes because as long as she does not disrespect anyone, she is free to do whatever she wants. 
4. Be polite and respectful to those who are not: She does not waste her time and energy reacting negatively to disrespectful and rude people, who she can definitely live without quite well. 
5. Her body: A mature woman knows what it means to feel the effects of the passing of time on her body and does not look for the kind of eternal beauty imposed by modern society because she feels good about herself and recognizes the value of her years.

image: pxhere.com

6. Pretend to be someone else: A mature woman does not need to try to appear to be another person because she wants to be accepted for what and who she is --- and if someone does not accept her as she is, then she can gladly choose to do remain alone.  
7. Having designer clothing: She buys only what she likes, not paying attention to brands but rather to style. 
8. What her exes are doing: She does not care about her exes, such as what they do or who they are with because she knows that everyone has their own life and needs to go their own way. 
9. Says what she thinks: A mature woman always says what she thinks because she has no fear of being unpleasant. This is because she knows how to measure her words and tone and uses diplomacy to get her message across in every situation. 

How many of these things describe your personality?

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