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A boy asks policeman to help him find…
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A boy asks policeman to help him find his mom, who now lives "somewhere in heaven"; the agent told him to send her messages in balloons


Jerry is a 5-year-old boy whose mother died suddenly.

The little boy does not immediately understand what has happened, he only knows that his mother has "gone to heaven" and so he picks up the phone and calls the police so that they can help him find her.

The policeman who answers the call, Tommy Lee, is immediately moved by the child's sincere words and decides to continue listening to him.

Jerry's mother was admitted to the hospital and she called her little boy, who had been left alone at home with his younger brother, to tell him to wait there.

However, the woman never returns home to her two children. The children's father tries to explain to his young son that his mother has "gone to heaven", but Jerry does not understand what he means.

Concerned that his mother was no longer coming back home, young Jerry decides to call the police so they can help him figure out what is preventing his mother from coming back to them.

The policeman who answers his call is officer Tommy Lee, a former war veteran, who instead of hanging up the phone and liquidating the little boy with cold and uncaring words, gives him his full attention.


The little boy's story moves the man, who advises him to send letters to his mother by attaching them to red balloons. In this way, his mother would have received them up in heaven.

Jerry accepts the advice and begins to write his mom letters once a month, hoping for an answer. Not receiving one, however, the child again contacts the policeman, Tommy Lee, who urges him to continue to write because it is certain that Jerry's mother read his letters.

A few days after this second phone call, Jerry receives many new red balloons brought to him by Tommy's men, who tells him that his mother cannot answer him because she is traveling, but lets him know that she loves him and misses him very much.

From that moment, Lee tries to get to know Jerry better by asking about him from everyone who knows Jerry and starts to give him gifts and to answer his letters every month, as Jerry's mother would have done.

In this way, the child begins to find a little peace and inner serenity again, elaborating in his own way the loss of his beloved mother.

A short film about the touching story of Jerry and police officer Tommy Lee, has been made, which you can watch on YouTube.

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