If you have these 15 characteristics,…
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If you have these 15 characteristics, you have personality profile that is considered among the rarest in the world

November 02, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Starting with psychoanalyst Carl Jung's work on psychological types, which he named as one of his most important works, Katharine Cook Briggs and her daughter Isabel Briggs Myers invented the so-called "Myers-Briggs Type Indicator", or MBTI.

The MBTI, which divides the personality of individuals into 16 types is based on four characteristics: (1) extroversion/introversion, (2) intuition/perception, (3) thought/feeling, and (4) perception/judgment.

One of the 16 types of personality is INFJ and the acronym stands for introversionintuition,  feeling, and judgment. 

Individuals in this category are unique in the world due to the characteristics that distinguish them from others.

What makes them so special? Let's find out together.

  • 1. They love to write: They prefer to express their thoughts and moods with writing, rather than with words. 
  • 2. They think a lot: Their introversion leads them to reflect several times about social relationships, that they may or may not establish with someone. 
  • 3. All or nothing: They are perfectionists and are not easily satisfied. They think that if you are not able to do something it is better not to start it. 
  • 4. They have difficulty expressing their thoughts: Their reflections are so confusing and complex that they struggle to give voice to their thoughts. 
  • 5. They prefer to be alone: To be able to organize their ideas and get in touch with their inner self, they prefer to be alone, this does not mean they are asocial.
image: Pexels
  • 6. They can adapt: Being the way that they are, allows them to adapt easily to any situation or place. 
  • 7. They are empathic and sensitive: They are very thoughtful and generous and run immediately to help others. 
  • 8. They select their friends: They are not asocial but choose carefully with whom to keep company. 
  • 9. They are curious: They are fascinated by the mysteries of life and continuously try to learn more. 
  • 10. They trust themselves: They know how to listen to their instincts and understand before others when something is wrong.
  • 11. They are hard workers: They are not lazy at all and since they are also perfectionists, they try in every way to achieve their goals by doing their best. 
  • 12. They know how to look beyond the present: They care about the important things in life, so they focus on the future more than most people do. 
  • 13. They have problem-solving skills: They know how to solve problems with simplicity, finding the right and most suitable solution to a situation. 
  • 14. They are contradictory: Their emotions change constantly and it is often difficult to understand them. 
  • 15. They understand people on the fly: Their emotional intelligence allows them to immediately identify who they have before their eyes which enables them to protect themselves from people who can harm them.

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