The more time passes, the fewer friends you have and there is nothing wrong with this, here's why! -
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The more time passes, the fewer friends…
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The more time passes, the fewer friends you have and there is nothing wrong with this, here's why!


People who are mature adults often find themselves surrounded by far fewer people than they were in the past.

It is not just the circumstances that weaken relations with old friends, there is also a lack of desire to retain certain friendships or to make new ones.

If you also see yourself reflected in this dynamic, you must know that you are neither the only one nor are you crazy! There are at least four good reasons why it is normal for all this to occur

That's why growing up tolerates others and because there's nothing wrong with that.

  •  1. Decreased opportunities in which to meet new people: In adult life, it is much more difficult to make friends, both because the opportunities are lacking and because the predisposition is less. As we grow up we discover how rare it is that a friendship lasts forever and that it is more likely that it ends, due to commitments to work or family. The lives of adults are very "full", so the weekly outing with friends turns into a phone call once a month, and that's okay --- that how life goes. 
  • 2. Becoming more indifferent: Young people experience every situation as protagonists. If a friend argues with their partner or family, their pain becomes their own and vice versa. When we grow up we realize being so interested in the lives of others is a waste of time and energy that is not indifferent. An adult realizes that they cannot handle or solve everyone's problems, as much as they may want to, and that from time to time it is necessary to not get involved in certain situations. 
  • 3. You have no real interest in going back to the past: Each of us has sinned at least once when proclaiming the phrase "My goodness! It's been ages! We should meet again and go out!". We often feel a bit isolated while facing the many difficulties of adult life, so taking a dip back into the past can be exciting. But, the truth is that it is not easy to resume a relationship interrupted for years from the point where it was the last time and most likely the meeting will be a flop because neither side is really excited to meet up with the old friend. The golden rule is: if you cannot establish almost immediately, the day and the time to see each other, then just saying "we should see each other one of these days" actually means very little. Therefore, the next time do yourself a favor --- instead of telling a lie, just stop at "It was a pleasure to see you again", and in saying this, neither friend will feel bad, quite the opposite! 
  • 4. Your time becomes more precious: When you are young, the time you have available seems endless. As a grown-up, it seems that there is never enough. That is why you start giving value to what you previously neglected while doing what you pleased, namely, your family and absolutely getting the proper rest in order to start the week with the right amount of recharged energy, all start to take on a new importance on your list of priorities.

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