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6 natural remedies to protect your body…
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6 natural remedies to protect your body and to permanently keep mosquitoes away from you!


No one has ever managed to get rid of mosquitoes completely, in fact, now they even resist pest control, climate change, and any type of chemical repellent.

Consequently, mosquitoes continue unperturbed to ruin our evenings without anyone being able to do anything to stop them once and for all.

If you also have had enough of these annoying insects and want to get rid of them permanently, you cannot help but try these six natural remedies to protect your body and permanently keep mosquitoes away from you!

1. Apple cider vinegar

It is possible to obtain an excellent anti-mosquito spray from this ingredient! A couple of drops of lemongrass oil can be added to apple cider vinegar to make the spray more effective. Apply it in the most "visited" places by the mosquitoes and wait for the results.

2. Lemongrass candles

A natural remedy with no side effects and a refreshing fragrance! You can buy or make these lemongrass candles at home with some drops of citronella essential oil.


 3. Natural plants

Mentha longifolia, basil, lemongrass, calendula, cat grass, rosemary, garlic, and lavender --- these are the plants most hated by mosquitoes. They have a natural repellent effect and can also decorate your garden while at the same time protecting you from unwanted guests.

4. Lavender Spray 

image: Pixabay.com

We have already mentioned that mosquitoes really hate lavender. You can produce your own homemade spray with drops of lavender essential oil for the body or apply it directly to the skin.

5. Garlic

Apparently not only the vampires run away from garlic! Eating garlic keeps mosquitoes away, however, if you do not particularly like this herb you can boil it and spray the liquid in places infested by mosquitoes.


6. Soapy water

If you are enjoying a nice evening outdoors and the mosquitoes are tormenting you, then try this remedy! Fill a saucer with water and soap and stir vigorously to make soap bubbles and those pesky mosquitoes will be attracted and remain trapped in the foamy soap bubbles. 

Try these natural homemade remedies to banish those hated mosquitoes and let us know your results!

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