Here is the meaning of having an "M" on the palm of your hand, according to the ancient art of chiromancy -
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Here is the meaning of having an "M"…
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Here is the meaning of having an "M" on the palm of your hand, according to the ancient art of chiromancy

August 18, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Hand reading aka chiromancy or palmistry is a discipline whose roots have been traced back several thousand years to India! It seems that it derives from Hindu astrology, and was mentioned for the first time in the ancient Chinese texts of divination "I Ching".

The practice of chiromancy then spread to Asia and Europe, arriving in Greece (there are also traces among some Greek philosophers, including Anaxagoras). It also seems that Alexander the Great used it to investigate and judge the character of his military officers.

This fascinating practice obviously does not have a scientific basis, but can perhaps give some food for thought about one's own personality and one's own future.

So, do you have an "M" on the palm of your hand? Here's what it means.

Those who have an "M" on the palm of their hand are usually attracted to careers such as journalism, writing or education. Their distinguishing trait is tenacity! In fact, they manage to emerge in challenging situations, which require great discipline and high doses of motivation, and for this reason, they usually succeed in life. 

Their determination and their courage ensure that they have a good predisposition for leadership and are therefore suitable for managerial roles.

In addition, these people are particularly intuitive, especially when it comes to recognizing honesty. It is not all difficult for them to understand if someone is lying, or if a person generally behaves incorrectly and dishonestly. Among other things, this ability is particularly strong in women.

In short, if you have an "M" on the palm of your hand, you should always keep one thing in mind, namely, that you are a lucky person, and you have all the necessary requirements to reach your goals. Whether you believe in palmistry (hand reading) or not, always trust your instinct and your skills!


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