In Sweden, a "solar angel" has been…
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In Sweden, a "solar angel" has been sighted and many believe it is a supernatural phenomenon

July 27, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It's not hard to understand why human beings have been superstitious for millennia. Can you imagine having to explain lightning or volcanoes but also the simplest things like pregnancy, without any scientific knowledge?

Spiritualism was the simplest and most effective response to a host of phenomena, ordinary and extraordinary when the link between cause and effect was not clear. 

However, apparently, some highly unusual phenomena can still topple the certainties of 21st-century human beings.

It happens in Sweden, at a high altitude, near mountain refuges for skiers. In the sky, suddenly something extraordinary appears. A very bright halo forms around the sun that resembles a cross made of light, or according to others, the wings of an enormous angel. In awe, people observe the phenomenon, speechless and filled with the same primal fear and astonishment that the first human beings must have felt during storms.

So unusual was the event that, after a few days, NASA itself was keen to investigate and explain it.

They are called "solar halos" and can be seen only under certain conditions. Specifically, when sunlight passes through Cirrus type cloud formations at an altitude of at least 19,600 ft (6000 meters), it is refracted by the tiny crystals that are similar to six-sided prisms, of which Cirrus clouds are made. If an observer is at an altitude that is near the point of refraction, such as on a mountain, they can watch a spectacular light show that looks like a supernatural phenomenon. 

Therefore, no angels. But please watch the video here below and put yourself in their shoes, as if it were you who had suddenly seen this phenomenon. What would you have thought?


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