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5 wrong attitudes that keep you from…
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5 wrong attitudes that keep you from being successful


A popular saying tells us: Never blame anyone in your life. Good people give you happiness. Bad people give you experience. The worst people teach you a lesson. The best people give you memories."

The key to happiness, in fact, lies primarily within us, and in the point of view that we decide to adopt upon which unfolds the axis of our success.

Therefore, it is not the number of things that we possess that lead us to success, but the richness of the heart and mind ---the so-called abundance mindset.

Therefore, let's free ourselves of the five wrong mental attitudes that keep us from achieving real success.

1. The Scarcity Mentality

This is the propensity to choose the easy way out to avoid risks and to just get by. After all, who in school was not content to get a "D" (sufficient) an inferior grade but not failing? However, when you settle for less in everything you do, you are actually choosing to not take action to avoid the fear of not succeeding, and neither your mind or soul are enriched with new experiences.

Dr. Greenberg argues that a scarcity mentality creates a short-term impulsive decision-making process that actually increases the difficulties in the long term. To overcome it, she recommends to always be thankful for what you have, to not compare yourself with others, to clear the mind of obsessive thoughts, take preventive measures, and to not be greedy.

2. The sense of worthlessness

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Feelings of worthlessness can take many forms, such as feeling unattractive and lacking in intelligence, good health or other attributes. It is essential to remind themselves of being unique and of immeasurable value, especially for those who take care of us.

Dr. Beck, who is recognized as the father of modern cognitive therapy, warns against this sense of worthlessness, indicating three ways to fight it. Namely by, monitoring critical thinking about yourself, writing these thoughts down when they occur (10-15 minutes each day), and once identified, dealing with them.


 3. Judging and blaming others 

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In a society that values more status and material success than morality and righteousness, to judge and blame someone is a form of negativity in disguise --- in order to feel better about ourselves. However, the only result is to generate negative feelings towards others and ourselves. Any person that you cross paths with in your life, does so for a reason (though neither of you may be aware of it). Therefore, every time you are about to judge someone, smile and greet them pleasantly and in general, they will immediately respond in the same way!

4. Bad habits

Bad habits give us instant gratification, but they weaken us, because they lead us to a miopic vision of the world and to maintain an impulsive scarcity mentality. To quit a bad habit, you have to replace it with a good habit, that makes you truly happy, and which responds to a better and more positive image that we have or would like to have of ourselves.

5. Trapped emotions

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These trapped emotions, locked in our subconscious, are harmful because they are hard to ignore, and they affect us without us being completely aware of it. However, there are several ways to express them in a positive way, including using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), a potentially effective practice for the treatment of different types of emotional trauma. In a famous academic study conducted by clinical psychologists, the positive effects of this treatment on patients suffering from PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) were demonstrated.


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