Here's why having a Sagittarius as a best friend is the greatest fortune that can happen to you -
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Here's why having a Sagittarius as a…
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Here's why having a Sagittarius as a best friend is the greatest fortune that can happen to you


All the zodiac signs are special but nobody is as good a friend as a Sagittarius. Sagittarians are often perceived to be the most reserved people in the room.

Having a mild and quiet temperament, they know who they are and do not have a desire to prove anything to anyone.

They are reluctant to confide in others because they give a lot of value to interpersonal relationships and for this reason, they do not open up easily.

But once you win their trust, everything will be different!

image: Pexels

Sagittarians are the kind of friend who never abandons you. Precisely because they give a lot of value to interpersonal relationships if you are a dear friend they will be by your side in all your battles. They are the kind of person that you may not hear from for weeks, but if you have a serious problem they will not disappoint you. They know how to help you and they understand you like no other.

But not for this it is a serious or monotonous person!

Sagittarians are known for their kinky, sometimes cynical sense of humor. If in the serious situations in life they give you all their full support, also regarding your foolishness they are still quite ready to support ALL your bad decisions, knowing well, in their heart, that soon you will be laughing about it together. 

They are serene people who radiate a contagious calm. And it is precisely due to this temperament that they are able to express sharp and irreverent observations about what is happening around them, including your own attitudes, that are little out of place. It may seem as if they are lost in their thoughts, but in reality, they notice everything!

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In this sense, they perfectly complement, a friend who has an impulsive and lively personality. If you are a person who takes life head-on, then at your side you really need a dear Sagittarius to take an astute look at everything that is going on, and who will stop you when the situation is serious or who cheers you up with some sardonic comment when the damage has already been done. 

Smart and trustworthy, Sagittarians are the kind of best friends that everyone would like to have!


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