The first thing you see in the picture can give you some clues about your psychological nature -
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The first thing you see in the picture…
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The first thing you see in the picture can give you some clues about your psychological nature

July 08, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

There is a whole category, that is very famous, of optical illusions which can be seen from two or more perspectives that represent different objects.

They are interesting in their own right because they show us how our brain recognizes familiar figures or objects in ambiguous forms.

But what if seeing things from different perspectives, tells us something about our personality? Take a look at the image here below --- what is the first familiar figure that you recognize?

Here is the image.

Did you notice first, the lips, trees, or roots?

The lips.

image: Max Pixel

If you noticed the lips first, you are a simple and peaceful person who knows how to get along with others. You are very flexible and can adapt to any situation. Sometimes you seem naive because you tend to project your honesty onto others.  People come to you when they need advice because they trust your judgment and most of all --- you.


The trees.

If you noticed the trees first, you are an extrovert. Although you are polite, you are not the kind of person that is easily influenced, impressed or condition by what other people think or do. Nevertheless, you do give importance to what others think about you because you think that the key to life is being in contact with others, in the exchange of experiences and in an authentic communion with others. For this reason, you want to be socially engaged, but it is hard to earn your trust and become a close friend. You know how to hide your emotions, if necessary.

The roots.

If you noticed the roots first, you are an introvert but this does not necessarily mean that you are shy. You draw your own energies from within and exercise an extraordinary discipline in regards to yourself and for this reason, you are willing to accept constructive criticism. You are usually seen as the "wise one" because you weigh your words carefully and you never say something --- just to be talking. Due to your high standards, you can suffer from self-esteem issues from time to time, but you always come out on top due to your inner strength.


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