The animal that attracts you the most can reveal some aspects of your personality -
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The animal that attracts you the most…
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The animal that attracts you the most can reveal some aspects of your personality


If there is an animal that often arises in your dreams or that has appeared, in the form of images and representations, in your daily life, and to whom you feel inexplicably attracted, it is likely that you have already identified your totem.

According to American Indians, a totem is a guardian spirit that accompanies an individual during their physical and spiritual life. Knowing your totem allows you to better understand yourself, and by communicating with it,  you can learn wisdom and acquire spiritual power.

Try to discover which one is yours with this simple test!

Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and then choose the first of the animals represented here that attracts your attention.

1. KOALA.  
A deep sense of equality, justice, and neutrality characterize your nature. You feel good when you can console and be of help to others. Perhaps, this is why you shine amidst whenever there is chaos. Sometimes you can feel a sense of isolation and emptiness, which is the result of a tendency in your character to be excessive and give too much of yourself. You are characterized by the following words: innocence, purity, equality, clarity, organization, and autonomy. 

Sensitivity, compassion, and understanding, represent the main aspects of your personality. You tend to worry first about the needs of others and then about yourself. Most people around you know this, and that is why many turn to you in times of need. At the same time, your deep sensitivity can also cause you to feel hurt by the negative comments made by others, even if you do not let them see it. This is, however, a rare event because most people are genuinely and positively attracted to you due to your strong charisma. You are a creative person, and everything you do is transformed by your special touch, which is unconventional. Your strong imagination causes you also to be an idealist who dreams of a perfect world where good always triumphs over evil. 

This creature expresses the pursuit of gentleness and love in every moment of daily life. The people they represent tend to see the positive side of any situation and try to "fly away" from negativity, freeing themselves and lifting their spirit --- and also that of those who follow them. It should be noted that the people represented by hummingbirds choose consciously to pursue the path of love and positivity, in all of their daily activities, which may alienate them from themselves when they do not feel motivated and decide to hide within themselves and from others any negativity that they may feel.  

You are a wonderful human being who can be trusted. You are spontaneous and calm, you love to reflect thoroughly before acting, in any situation. For this reason, you act very responsibly, respecting everything and everyone. The person who is represented by the elephant is very balanced, unless they let themselves be dominated by their emotions, and no longer reflect before they act.  Then they can become stubborn, too emotional or cold and indifferent, depending on the situation that they must face. 

5. WOLF. 
The individual represented by the wolf is a warm person, optimistic, bright and friendly, who likes to help the "pack". Their patience allows them to accept others as they are. Despite being a social animal, the wolf-person is not guided by what others say about him/her and proudly continues straight on their own path that is determined by their personality. However, prolonged solitude can throw some wolf-people into a deep depression, leading them to absorb the negativity that surrounds them.

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