How to unclog a drain in less than a minute! A simple and natural method! -
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How to unclog a drain in less than a…
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How to unclog a drain in less than a minute! A simple and natural method!

June 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Clogged drain? Needless to ask yourself about whatever it is that is clogging the drain, or curse yourself for not having bought a simple filter! Especially since prevention is certainly better than cure and considering that most of the solutions use chemicals or are difficult to implement.

However, if you do not feel like dismantling the pipeline or resorting to aggressive chemical products proposed in advertising, we suggest a simple, natural, and effective method to quickly get rid of the problem. 

Everything you need to unclog a drain without damaging it is probably already in your house, even if you do not know it!

1. Mix baking soda and salt in equal parts then put everything in a convenient container.

2. Pour the resulting powder mix into the clogged drain.


3. Pour a large cup of hot vinegar into the drain.

4. Finally, pour boiling water into the drain.

Voilà! Unclogged!

Your drain is now unclogged! If necessary, you can repeat the operation for a better result. Remember that you can use this ecological method every time your drain starts to struggle to let water pass through ... in this way, you do not create a desperate situation that requires the costly intervention of a plumber. 

Here is the video with the complete procedure.

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