Do you have Listerine mouthwash at home? Here are 10 ways to use it that you never thought of! -
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Do you have Listerine mouthwash at home?…
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Do you have Listerine mouthwash at home? Here are 10 ways to use it that you never thought of!

June 21, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Listerine is a famous brand of mouthwash and its first use is, obviously, to rinse and disinfect the mouth after brushing your teeth. But it's not the only one and not even the original one!

In fact, the Listerine formula, which includes essential oils, salted methyl, and ethanol, was conceived in 1897 by two doctors as a surgical disinfectant and only later was it put on the market for oral hygiene. Therefore, it is not surprising that so many creative uses have been found.

Here, we offer you ten very effective uses!

1. Deodorant

An emergency solution for when you forget to buy deodorant or forget it at home and you are on the road. Listerine is a great substitute. Pour a little on a ball of cotton or a cotton pad and apply it to your body.

2. Insect bites

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Born as a disinfectant for surgical operations, it is not surprising that Listerine alleviates the pain and itching derived from insect bites very effectively. Also use a cotton pad here to apply it on the painful area.


3. Anti-dandruff

image: Pixabay

Listerine can be used as an anti-dandruff treatment. Simply massage your hair and scalp with Listerine and let it stand for ten minutes. Then rinse thoroughly. Do this a couple of times a week and you can forget about dandruff!

4. Cleaning toothbrushes

Many do not think about it, but our toothbrushes must be cleaned regularly. Immerse your toothbrush in a little Listerine to disinfect it properly.

5. Cleaning the bathroom

Listerine also works wonders for cleaning the toilet. Pour a little into the toilet bowl before cleaning it and it will not only disinfect the ceramic but also eliminate bad smells.


6. Eliminate foot and toenail fungus

If you have fungus on your feet or toenails, do not worry! Listerine, thanks to the action of methyl salicylate, will come to your aid in this case, too. Take a foot bath with warm water and Listerine for about twenty minutes a day. You will see how the skin will be softer and the fungus will disappear.

7. Facial cleanser

Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, we advise you to rinse your face with a little Listerine from time to time and its antiseptic properties will help you keep your skin fresh and healthy.


8. Cleaning a smartphone screen

Modern smartphone touchscreens get dirty very easily because they are constantly touched. It is good to clean them regularly, and if you do not want to buy specific products, then Listerine is the right answer for you.

9. Eliminates the odors of bad smelling garbage cans

image: pxhere

A bad smell often emanates from garbage cans, which is natural. However, if it becomes too intense, once the garbage can is empty, throw a couple of paper towels soaked in Listerine on the bottom of the garbage can. This will counteract unpleasant odors.


10. Prevent lice

image: pixabay

When lice are making the rounds among the students at a school, many mothers do not know what to do. Without buying expensive products, here's what you can do to eliminate lice and their eggs from your child's head. Pour into a glass equal amounts of Listerine and white vinegar and then put the solution in a spray bottle. Next, spray this mixture on your child's head and cover his/her head with a cloth until the child's hair does not dry on its own. Repeat the treatment a second time if needed.

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