Little boys make fun of an old man's house and someone hears them and silences them in an exemplary manner! -
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Little boys make fun of an old man's…
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Little boys make fun of an old man's house and someone hears them and silences them in an exemplary manner!

June 20, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

It all starts when Josh Cyganik, an American railway employee, hears some kids making fun of the house of a retired man named Leonard Bullock from Pendleton, Oregon.

To be honest, the house was truly in bad condition and so Josh decided to take action.

He posts a message on Facebook in which he narrates the story and launches an appeal for help to restructure the house. The response of the Facebook community was unbelievable.


There were already twenty volunteers on the morning of the appointed day. Over the course of the day, over a hundred people arrived even coming from all the neighboring states!

Citizens from California, Texas and Washington came to help and also several colleagues from Ocean Pacific, the historic railway company that Josh works for. 

"There was a fantastic atmosphere! They were all happy and ready to help", said Josh. "We also received a lot of donations from people who did not come but wanted to help out, and people in the neighborhood brought us food and drink all day long --- even Starbucks gave us gallons of coffee!"

The result is wonderful! It does not even seem to be the same house, as you can see from the picture below.


Leonard and his wife Dorothy can now get some fresh air while relaxing on their brand new veranda.

And the kids who laughed at Leonard and Dorothy have quickly learned that who laughs best is who laughs last!


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