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20 ingenious tips to better organize…
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20 ingenious tips to better organize your refrigerator and make life easier

May 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The refrigerator is perhaps the most useful household appliance ever invented but we do not always know how to use it in the best way.

For example, how to clean it more effectively, how to organize the spaces in order to fully utilize them, how to ensure that, thanks to its work, food can be kept longer.

From the world of blogs, fortunately, we receive countless tips when it comes to do-it-yourself domestic chores, just search and almost certainly you will find what is right for you ...  Starting from here!

At the supermarket, they offer discounts for expiring foods, why not use this same idea in the fridge at home and create a box for foods that must be consumed as soon as possible?

image: Clossette

Drawers and containers for the refrigerator are a great way to keep it tidy and clean. Definitely, a strategy to try!


How to clean the fridge? If you do not want to employ the usual vinegar, you can make something, that still disinfects but smells better. How about water and a few drops of essential oil with lemon and basil?!

Do you use sauces a lot? Create a special corner in the fridge, perhaps pouring them into plastic "squeeze" bottles.

Create a drawer exclusively dedicated to healthy snacks! In this way, when you get hungry and want to take a break you can grab something from inside without even looking!


Is your fridge in stainless steel? Try cleaning it with baby oil!

Keep things in order by putting adhesive labels on shelves and trays.


Here is a trick that is very useful! Increase the internal space utilized with these extra shelves.

Absorb bad odors by placing an open jar in the corner of the fridge containing baking soda and a few drops of essential oil.

image: Hello Glow

Attention: Avoid the essential oils that are too strong like vanilla and opt instead for citrus or floral scents.


How would you like to use the refrigerator as a blackboard for the week's menu? An idea to try for those who prefer to be super organized and not have to decide what to eat at the last minute.

Organize and keep everything clean! Here is an original use for egg cartons that you may not have thought of!

image: Alton Brown

Jars and bottles over time dirty the fridge! Why not put them all together and place them on a fridge turntable that will make cleaning easier?!

Have you ever thought that even the walls of the refrigerator can also be used? Here's a nice fridge snack pouch!

image: Homedit

What about these removable drawers? Move them around and add them as you wish!

image: New Chic

For you, does water belong in the fridge!? Here is a trick that helps you to not take up all the space with bottles of water!

image: Home Hacks

Magnetic jars to hang inside on the fridge walls! Another convenient and original solution!

The question of organization can be useful also if you want children to become familiar with food and their meals --- divide the food according to the type of meal!

image: Pinterest

And if what you want is to prevent the little ones from getting into the fridge, then here is an emergency lock that you can create in a moment!

Did you know that storing food in glass jars rather than plastic containers helps to keep it fresh longer? Try it!

And if you're still thinking about all the solutions that allow you to save time while cleaning the fridge, here's another trick --- protect the shelves using common plastic placemats!

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