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Sleep barefoot or with socks: This habit…
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Sleep barefoot or with socks: This habit could reveal something about your personality

May 29, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Tell me how you sleep and I will tell you who you are! In this casethe "how" does not concern the sleeping position at all --- although it can be very revealing, but rather, a specific area of the body and the way we deal with them during the night, namely, our feet.

In the same way that there are people who like to sleep without clothes and others who cannot do without pajamas, when it comes to feet, we can also distinguish two types of people!

Those who feel cold and have to put on their socks, and those who on the contrary, find wearing socks to be uncomfortable and prefer to sleep barefoot. 

Let's find out more about these two groups of people!

1. The pro-socks

image: Pinterest

They have a pair of socks that they wear expressly during the night and they put them on before slipping under the covers. Falling into this category are those who always feel cold or chilled, probably due to physical causes. Such as the thickness of their skin, excessive thinness, a slow metabolism or a less than optimal blood circulation - these people are more sensitive to the cold than others. 

But that is not all! Often the perception of temperature and space is also a determinant. In this sense, wearing socks during the night may indicate a need for protection, but also a preference for warm and welcoming places and deep and very intimate relationships with others; people like this love cuddles and hugs, but they can also be a bit touchy!

2. The pro-bare feet

image: Pinterest

The fans of bare feet, just cannot keep their socks on under the covers, they feel as if the socks are preventing their feet from breathing, and sooner or later during the night, they will end up barefoot. Moreover, these people are particularly warm from a physical point of view. The causes can be an accelerated metabolism, good blood circulation, and thicker skin - or more meat under it! 

However, this lower sensitivity to cold can also be linked to the way you interact with others. A person who likes to sleep barefoot is generally more independent. They love their own living space, and carefully choose the moments to devote to relationships; moreover, they tend to take on a protective role, and they are honest, sincere, and challenging! 

And which group do you belong to? Do you recognize yourself in our description?


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