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 17 unusual homemade tips that will…
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 17 unusual homemade tips that will save you time and money


If we added up all the time that we lose solving the small daily problems related to the care of the house or the organization of our activities, we would be shocked by how much precious time they take away from us!

This is especially true if we insist on doing these activities always in the same way, without looking for alternative solutions that could be easier and faster. 

To help you with this, we have collected 17 cleaning and organizing tips that will not disappoint you. Seeing is believing!

 1. Put a sheet of parchment paper on the curtain rod to make it slide better and avoid squeaking.

 2. Put a denture cleaning tablet in the toilet bowl 20-30 minutes before cleaning it with a brush and this will allow you to easily remove limescale deposits!


 3. Use a banana holder to hang headphones and prevent them from falling continuously.

image: head-fi.org

 4. If the batteries are too short or if the circuit is old, use aluminum foil to create an extra length of thickness allowing the current to flow.

 5. Oil burned in a frying pan? Fill it with hot water, dish soap and immerse a dryer sheet in the pan and after an hour the food residues can be easily removed!

image: youtube.com

 6. After cleaning the faucets, a sheet of parchment paper will help you create a protective film that will delay the formation of limescale stains.

 7. Make holes in the dustbin (not on the bottom, better on the side, 2 inches [5 cm] from the base) to avoid the vacuum effect that does not allow you to remove the garbage bag easily.


 8. To avoid continually filling the liquid soap dispenser, install a pump (you can easily find one at a hardware store) and connect it to an extra-large bottle.

 9. To make faucets shine, just create a mix of water, vinegar, and vodka (obviously a very cheap one!)


 10. Use heavy-duty adhesive tape to open impossible jars

 11. Glass cleaner spray is useful for removing traces of wax crayons from your walls.

 12. If you have painted something, and you will have to reuse the brush shortly, insert it in an airtight plastic bag and then put it in the freezer. In this way, the paint will not dry out and you can reuse it without washing the brush.

 13. Keep your compostable organic waste bags in a paper tissue dispenser.

 14. Often fruit containers are useful for holding other delicate items, such as Christmas decorations (so you will also save the environment!)

 15. Quickly clean the shower or bath using dish soap and a new broom!

 16. If you want to create a beautiful candle laid on sand or beans, place it on an aluminum can --- you will need less material to fill the container!

17. The simple brushes known as pipe cleaners (those with the wire inside) and used to clean pipes can also be used to make clothes hangers non-slip.

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