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25 cooking tools that you do not know…
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25 cooking tools that you do not know about but you'll want to buy now

April 23, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Is the kitchen the place where you give free rein to your creativity and the space you love the most in the whole house?

Probably having gadgets that facilitate some of the tasks you do daily is one of your weaknesses, something for which you are willing to spend some extra money.

If you see yourself in this profile, then the cooking tools presented in this photo gallery will certainly strike you as being particularly attractive and unleash the desire to buy all of them. Which one do you think would be the most important in your kitchen?

In the image credit for each photo, you will find the link to the website where you can buy the product.

1. An easy-to-handle herb mincer.

image: Zyliss

2. Cuts cherry tomatoes and grapes quickly.

image: OXO

3. A spout for pots that facilitates the transfer of liquids.


4. Reusable toast bags.

image: Amazon

5. A salad knife

image: Gama-Go

6. A hook to easily pull out oven trays, grills, and to check the cooking stage of dishes.

image: Joie Devil

7. A special soap that eliminates strong odors.

image: Kitchen Kraft

8. A grill for bacon that cooks slices of bacon without the use of oil and without producing grease splatters.

image: Nostalgia

9. A multilayer grid that allows you to increase the number of cooking trays that you can insert simultaneously in the oven.

image: Estilo

10. A tool to clean shrimp quickly.

image: Oyedens

11. An egg-shell breaker

image: ICO

12. A brush with an integrated dispenser to easily season and dress food.

image: Brussels08

13. A kitchen tool that with a single gesture allows you to separate the sprigs of rosemary and hold them in a container.

image: Dexam

14. Perhaps you already know this gadget --- it is an onion holder and cutter!

image: Nan Hua

15. A special container keeps aromatic herbs fresh with a water base that prolongs the life of herbs for up to three weeks.

image: Preparà

16. Covers for pens with integrated cutlery --- so that you won't forget them anymore!

image: Dine Ink

17. Here is a very practical stem-remover.

image: WMF

18. Protects your fingers and allows you to slice food safely.

image: Ipac

19. These pincers close bags and has an opening that facilitates the transfer of the contents.

image: AOLVO

20. Sticks to test the doneness of baked cakes.

image: Lovebay

21. Sterilizer for cans with a thermometer.

image: Tescoma

22. A brush for washing cutlery.

image: Joseph Joseph

23. An ultra-efficient hand-operated lemon squeezer.

image: SURPEER

24. Non-stick frying pan with compartments.

image: Appetitissime

25. A cake baking pan with a small mini muffin tin for tasting.

image: Nibble
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