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Unmotivated use of packaging: these…
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Unmotivated use of packaging: these 15 examples show that we have exceeded all limits


If you are sensitive to the problem of plastic in the environment (and considering the bad conditions of our oceans, we should all be), you will have noticed the amount of packaging that we can find in the various departments in our supermarkets.

Sometimes it is motivated by hygienic or transport needs, but in some casesits use is really indiscriminate and excessive. 

The photo gallery that we present below is about this issue. Here are 15 people who came across an almost criminal use of packaging materials and could not refrain from sharing their outrage with the world via these captured images.

"If only bananas had a natural covering of their own ... like maybe, a kind of resistant peel ... then we could avoid packaging them!"

If there was a competition to find the most stupid plastic waste in the world, this would win!


Potatoes wrapped individually in plastic ...

image: wmyeoh

In the packaging of a computer with an integrated anti-virus, there was an empty CD jewel case with a message written triumphantly "no CD is needed!" Have you ever seen such an absurd waste of plastic?

This person ordered a large number of jelly beans online ... and they came wrapped INDIVIDUALLY.


This is really too much ...

image: Bri An

If only nature had equipped oranges with a covering like a peel ...

image: awlilnatty

This guy ordered 3 pairs of socks and there was an unmotivated amount of air cushion packaging in the box. Well, everyone knows that socks tend to break during transport!

image: DeLaNate

"Hey, Amazon! Next time send a bigger box!"

image: cakalusa

Here is the amount of boxes used for a single pill.

Avocados have a resistant and compostable skin ... so why all of this ???

This is ridiculous!

image: NYhook/Imgur

One leaf??? We hope that nature rebels against all of this ...

Here is the product and the packaging ... who cares about the environment?

And all this for one cable ...

Don't you think that we have definitely exceeded the limits of ridicule?

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