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13 household problems that you can fix…
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13 household problems that you can fix in a few minutes with penetrating oil

April 07, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Penetrating oil is a must for every tool box! In fact, almost all of us keep some in the house and whip it out every time we need to lubricate a lock or the handle of a door that squeaks.

Yet there are many other possible ways of using this product, especially in our homes. In fact, penetrating oil can be used to prevent rust, eliminate writing from walls, and polish objects!

Those are only a few of the 13 surprising uses for penetrating oil at home presented here in this article.

1. Clean piano keys

2. Remove tea and coffee stains

image: Pinterest

3. Remove stains from the toilet by simply spraying it on the stain and letting it act for a few minutes.

4. Eliminate words written on walls in your home

image: moneyversed

5. Clean salt stains from your shoes! Just spray some oil on a cloth and then rub the cloth over the stained area (and this will also waterproof your shoes).


6. Remove ink stains from clothes

7. Remove chewing gum (spray and let it act for a few minutes)

image: Party Milk

8. Spray penetrating oil on glass shower partitions which both cleans and makes them water repellent.

image: Pinterest

9. Spray penetrating oil on tools before storing them which will prevent rust.

image: FFX

10. Help remove a ring stuck on a finger

image: Instructables

11. Prevent the formation of ice on car windows

image: Quora

12. Keep your scissors working by applying some penetrating oil on the pivot points (pin) from time to time.

image: Pinterest

13. Remove glue residues left by stickers. Just let it act for a few minutes, remove the sticker, and wipe clean.

image: YouTube

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