11 things that mentally strong people always do

by Shirley Marie Bradby

April 02, 2018

11 things that mentally strong people always do

Although most people know what to do to gain more physical strength, few know how to develop mental strength, which is what it takes to tackle delicate situations, but also to manage everyday life with the proper psychological equilibrium. Often we do not even know what mental strength is. 

Wanting to reduce the composition of the mind to very simple terms, we can say that we are made up of thoughts, emotions, and behavior. Therefore, becoming mentally strong means keeping our thoughts under control, managing emotions, and behaving appropriately. 

To acquire the mental strength that we are all lacking, some more and others less, we must train the mind, and treat it as if it were a muscle.

But with what exercises? Here are 11 things that people with mental strength do regularly.

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Here are 11 habits that have mentally strong people.

Here are 11 habits that have mentally strong people.


1. They have their own idea of success: These people know very well that everyone's path is different, so they do not aspire to follow in the footsteps of others, to achieve the same goals. The trick is to try to be every day better than the day before, without trying to imitate anyone else. 

2. They put themselves to the test every day: Whether they are trying to be better parents, or trying to reach a new goal, mentally strong people never stop trying to improve themselves. They never feel they have reached their maximum, or that they are not able to do something. They have a goal in mind and they try little by little to achieve it. 

3. They reflect on their progress: Trying to reach a goal is positive, but we should not just look at the point of arrival. Equally important is keeping an eye on the progress you are making, to make sure you are improving. 

4. They know how to identify their emotions: When they are sad or happy, they do not try to lie to themselves. Being of a certain state of mind is an opportunity to question oneself about the causes of that same state of mind, and therefore to know each oneself better. People who are strong mentally understand how a particular emotion affects their behavior. 

5. They keep negative thoughts at bay: Mentally strong people are not immune to negative and catastrophic thoughts, but they know that they should not let themselves be overwhelmed by these thoughts. One way to combat negative thoughts is to replace them with a more realistic view. 

6. They know how to endure pain for an important purpose: Mentally strong people know they do not have to prove anything to anyone except themselves. For this reason, they will not suffer pain just to show their ability to endure, but they can tolerate difficulty if this leads to the achievement of a goal. 

7. They use their mental energy wisely: They know that the energy of the mind is not infinite, and for this reason, they do not waste it on caring, for example, about things they do not have direct control over. In the same way, they know that they must allow themselves moments of rest to recharge their batteries. 

8. They know their limits: Mentally strong people do not fear to admit their limits. They ask for help if they need it and are not afraid to delegate a task to another person. 

9. They perfect their skills: If you want to acquire mental strength you will have to become more interested in developing skills rather than showing them off to others. 

10. They accept responsibility for their own lives: Mentally strong people seek explanations, not excuses. This means that they are ready to take responsibility, even in cases where this involves changing programs. 

11. They try to always respect their values: They maintain and respect the priorities and decisions that are in agreement with their philosophy of life. 

Probably none of us was born with incredible mental strength, so there is still time for everyone to develop it through acquiring good habits and getting rid of the negative ones.