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14 Ideas To Keep Objects In Perfect…
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14 Ideas To Keep Objects In Perfect Order Without Spending A Fortune


Keeping all the objects in your house in order and easily accessible can be an epic undertaking, especially for those who have never had the good fortune of learning the tricks of the trade.

Yes, because there are some interesting and useful tips that can help us a lot when it comes to keeping things in their assigned places and above all to be able to find them quickly when we need them.

Here are 14 situations in which this goal has been achieved and each with its own brilliant stratagem!

1. Need extra space? Just use the tabs from soda and beer cans ...

2. The fridge can hold many more different types of food and keep them in better order thanks to simple plastic containers


3. Some elegant vintage bottles or even an old cheese grater (painted!) can easily accommodate and display your jewelry.

4. Hang glass jars to keep cutlery tidy and within easy reach ... and making them is a breeze!

5. Using a common mountain carabiner will help you keep hair bands in order!


6. Drawers can become more capacious thanks to these organizers. You can buy them but you can also make them yourself, with a little patience and some simple cardboard.

7. Even strips of laces can be very useful for keeping creams or small bottles in their place inside drawers.


8. Here is some intuitive advice for storing underwear.

9. Here is a suggestion for those who like to wear ties and own a lot of them!


10. Hanging is also a good solution even inside the refrigerator.

11. Are your earplugs always twisted and intertwined? Problem solved!

12. Office folder holders to store pans? ... What a great idea!

13. And for those who are victims of compulsive shopping, a trunk with cardboard separators is always a very useful solution!

14. And finally, a good method to keep makeup brushes separate and handy ...

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