17 beauty tips that every woman should…
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17 beauty tips that every woman should know

December 08, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Every woman has her own beauty and makeup secrets that work as much as the ones created by the best make-up artist.

However, in this article we have collected the best tips from the Internet, to give everyone a chance to acquire a certain level of expertise in using beauty and makeup products, without too much effort if you do not already know them.

Make sure you do not forget these tips and you can also tell us about some of your own beauty and makeup secrets that you have discovered over the years!

Here is one way to keep your eyebrows in place without using special products.

A blogger recommends a very simple method to keep eyebrows in place without having to use a specific gel. The trick is to use hairspray, by spraying it on a special brush for eyebrows, or one from an old mascara bottle. Comb your eyebrows with the brush moistened with hairspray lacquer and they will remain in place all day.

Extend the life of your bottle of mascara.

Does your mascara seem finished and you are about to buy a new bottle? With this method, you will still be able to use the old one for a good while. Just simply add a few drops of saline solution for the eyes, close the mascara bottle and shake it for a few seconds.


Always look at the expiration date on your beauty products.

Everybody knows that even beauty products have an expiration date, or more precisely they have a period after the opening within which the product must be finished. For example, if you see 6M written, it means that the product must be used within 6 months after opening the package. 

In order not to forget the expiry date, it is good practice to write the date of opening on the packaging with a marker.

Perfect manicure

For a perfect manicure, apply lip balm or vaseline around the nail. This little trick will prevent nail polish from staining the skin around the nail and in this way the nail polish can be easily removed.

Matte lipstick

Do you want to wear matte lipstick but have only the shiny ones? You can turn one from shiny to "matte" with loose powder, but be careful to choose the right shade!


Continue to use a finished bottle of eyeliner.

image: 9gag

If your eyeliner is finished, try removing the tip and simply reinsert it in the opposite direction.

A trick to applying lipstick without smudging.

To prevent excess lipstick from ending up on your teeth, once you have applied the lipstick, place a finger inside your mouth. Finally, apply the lipstick on the outer contour of your lips to avoid smudging.


An alternative to shaving cream.

To avoid annoying skin irritations after depilation, it is good practice to use baby oil instead of shaving cream.

Eliminate electric static from your hair.

Are you tired of having static and flyaway hair that is impossible to manage? Here's a tip! Just use ordinary dryer sheets!


Repair a broken nail.

image: xojane.com

If you break a nail, do not despair! You can fix it using a tea bag. Remove the tea from the tea bag and cut a little piece of the filter bag that fits on the nail, but does not cover it completely. To do this you can help yourself by using a cutter. Apply the nail polish and the break will no longer be visible!

Protect your makeup while traveling.

A suggestion is that before each trip, insert a cotton disc, one of those used to remove make-up, or a ball of cotton, inside your face powder compact and eyeshadow jar pots, to prevent them from shattering from being thrown around.

Cleaning hair straighteners and curlers.

To clean your hair straighteners or curlers, just mix a little sodium bicarbonate with some hydrogen peroxide, until a paste is obtained. Appy the paste along the surface using a soft tissue or a ball of cotton then wipe the paste off with a completely dry and clean tissue or ball of cotton. 

Soften the skin on your feet

image: pinterest.com

To make the skin on your feet smooth and baby-soft, all you need to do is soak your feet in this solution prepared with the following ingredients: 

2 cups of hot water 
1 cup of vinegar 
1 cup of mouthwash

Here are two more tips that you definitely need to know! One concerns the use of a simple hair bobby pin to eliminate those annoying whitehead pimples that appear on the face, in a way that is not very invasive and completely painless. Simply press the bobby pin on the affected part and drag the bobby pin downward. Last but not least, here is another tip for traveling. If you bring razors with you, remember to protect them by putting a bulldog clip over the razor blades. In this way, you will avoid cutting yourself while rummaging through your bag or ruining the blades!

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