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13 brilliant ideas that will make your…
This illustrator has transformed his life with his wife into successful comics 18 hacks that solve the most common clothing problems

13 brilliant ideas that will make your life much easier

November 02, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Are you familiar with the American expression "to think outside the box"?

It is the equivalent of the Italian expression "pensare fuori dagli schemi" and it describes all those individuals who do not follow the most common path when they are searching for a solution, but who instead rely on unexpected and original insights.

For example, where normally we would see a common tennis ball, instead, some people see a valuable helper to park their car in the garage! Where we see a comb, others can see a useful tool for making small home repairs. 

Let's discover, as we browse through this photo gallery, 13 examples of brilliant "out of the box" solutions.

1. To park your car in the correct position in your garage, hang a tennis ball from the ceiling and when it touches the windshield you will know when to stop.

2. Seal opened cookie and snack food bags using a plastic bottle!

image: © mamabee

3. Support your recipe book using a clothes hanger.

image: © open

4. Small home repairs? Old plastic containers can help you a lot.

image: © mujerde

5. Sharpen a pair of scissors in minutes by simply cutting a sheet of aluminum foil.


6. Stop holding your nails in your mouth when you do your home repairs, use a woolen glove!

image: © img-fotki

7. A simple lemon can replace a store-bought limescale remover. It is cheap and saves the environment!


8. To avoid hitting your finger with your hammer, hold the nail in place with a comb!

9. Hang some hooks on the shower curtain rod ... you will find them to be very useful

image: © pinterest

10. Use an old seat belt to make a unique keychain!

image: © aliimg

11. Magnetic bars are perfect for organizing work tools

image: © aliimg

12. Store ready-to-use pancake or crepe batter in the fridge in an old ketchup container!

13. To prevent anyone from reading your credit card account number or security code, cover them with dark tape!

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