All the reasons why you should not let…
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All the reasons why you should not let your dog play in the mud summarized in 20 photos

November 03, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

What is the activity that dogs love to do and that their owners fear most of all? Probably playing and rolling in the mud!

Yes, because if a dog finds the perfect place to play and roll in the mud to the point of becoming one with earth and water, then the owner has to find both the way to bring their dog home (there are those who will take them home in the car!) and then to get them perfectly clean again.

Has this ever happened to you? Clearly, these owners have taken a photo to show the various emotions and often pride that their four-legged friends have expressed after having done the deed!

He pretends to be indifferent.

image: vstrong50

An undeniable idyllic relationship with mud ...


This dog seems to be disappointed. Or maybe it is getting ready for a loud and angry scolding?!

image: reddit

Not everyone knows how to roll in the mud as well as he does!

One of them is obviously aware that this was something they should NOT have done ...

image: iBleeedorange

Simply comical!

image: SnarkSnout

You wanted the mud, now it's BATH time!


The little one claims to have fallen ... and the larger one ran to its rescue.

image: SnarkSnout

I had just bathed my dog! But I think it's clear he prefers another type of smell.

image: MonthOfMae

The most beautiful day of his life.

Leave me here!

I swear I barely even touched the mud!

image: kettu228

And they think they can just come back in the house ...

These dogs know that a mud bath is good for the skin!

I have no regrets, mom.

I just wanted to change my look a little!

image: blags146

Total black for our dog Klaus!

image: Alpha_Bitch

There was once a completely white husky ...

image: YoBooMaFoo

I'm so happy with my muzzle buried in my favorite smell!

image: Source

To do my favorite thing, I will accept any hairstyle!

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